ALEX ARNOUT Guest Friend

Alex Arnout is a slow burning star with over 20 years experience behind him. Having started his DJ career in Spain, and in the humble surroundings of many a local bar, the nineties were spent learning the basic skills so often lacking in today’s break-through ‘DJs’. Eventually catching the ear of someone that mattered, Arnout began playing more familiar outposts like DC: 10 and Pin Up in Ibiza, Dance Valley in Amsterdam and Circo Loco in London, for whom he has been resident for the last few years.


A pure passion for 4/4 (which has been burning ever since first hearing House Sounds of Chicago albums in the mid eighties) naturally lead Alex to begin experimenting with his beloved sound in the studio. Over the course of the last decade there have been releases alongside Daz I Kue from Bugs in the Attic; with an old school friend, Leiam Sullivan, as Ceramix and more recently under his given name on Adam Shelton and Subb-an’s fast-rising Brum label, One Records. The track was 'Vanishing Point' - a prowling deep house record lapped up by the likes of Visionquest that is indicative of his analogue aesthetic overall.


Aiming simply to “make great music”, there have also been collabs with Jamie Jones and Clive Henry for the hotter-than-hot Hot Waves crew, whilst EPs for Composite and Vitalik and another collaborative effort with Clive - this time as Black to The Future – are all in the bag. As such, it’s no surprise Alex is currently working on his debut studio album.

Whilst all those accomplishments are commendable on their own, one of the most important roles Arnout plays in the contemporary electronic scene is as label boss and A&R man for his own decidedly individually label, Dogmatik. Having inadvertently launched the career of Maya Jane Coles by releasing her first releases, Dogmatik can also count the likes of Mark E, Peace Division, Afrilounge, Tom Demac, Ed Davenport, Bearweasel, Stojche and Claire Ripley amongst its friends given the releases and remixes they have contributed to the label’s catalogue since its inception in 2006.


More and more often stepping out of the shadows of engineering, collaborating or running a label, then, the accomplished Arnout is making himself evermore an impossible talent to ignore.


ALEX KENNON Resident Artist

Alex Kennon was born in South Italy in the late 80’s. Since childhood he has always been interested in music. Accordingly he started studying classical guitar when he was 6, and thanks to his father he approached the world of funk, listening to Enigma’s, The Cure’s and Massive Attack’s music.


At 15 Alex starts working in local radio, where begins to lay the bases for his own taste in the musical field. At first he gets closer to house music and deep-tech sounds, and then is influenced by acid and dub styles.


Alex joins soon several clubs as a DJ in Italy, and then in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and his reputation grows increasingly in size and importance. He produces a kind of music whose style is difficult to define: he is still inspired by different genres and trends, but doesn’t adapt his style to a particular outline. Alex’s music follows above all what his own feelings suggest to himself, for it is always in progress.


Currently he lives and works in Ibiza. Popular labels, like Bondage Music, Recycle Records, Cimelde, Mimique and others, have signed his tracks and many editors are interested in his sounds.

The music is a passion and the passions are in the blood, in the music there are no stars... but the Music is the star.


ALEX PICONE Guest Friend

Italian-born Alex Picone’s passion for deep analogue-sounding grooves is all consuming. Ever since he was a teenager, his whole life has been devoted to feeling, sharing and shaping hip-rolling house and techno. And, of course, it shows; whether he’s laying it down at top Italian clubs like Flow and il Muretto, or blasting it out in Berlin, where he’s now based, his ego-free approach to DJing attracts true underground party heads in droves. 


Alex (aka Alessandro Picone) was born and grew up in Padova, where he started DJing in the mid-90s – when he was just 15 years old. His skills quickly landed him regular slots at La Scala in Padova, and from there he began to organise his own house parties before bagging key residencies at Flow and il Muretto. Playing regularly to the clued-up crowds at these clubs, alongside such international talents as Luciano, Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos, added momentum to his musical evolution and later propelled him into the world of production. In 2004 Alex took his first steps as a producer, hooking up with Kay Sand (Francesco Sperotto) to form Chronic Flakes. 


Their tracks quickly earned respect from the likes of Alex Neri, who released two Chronic Flakes’ 12”s on Bustin’ Loose in 2005/6, prior to unleashing their groovy, loopy tech-house extravaganza, the Omnadawn EP, complete with a remix by Guido Schneider, on Tenax Recordings in 2007. Neri even included ‘Galicia’ from their EP on the 2008 il Muretto compilation mix. Picone was on a roll and, after spending some time in Ibiza, he finally adopted Berlin as his new home, a place from where he had drawn much inspiration.


Here he built on an existing relationship with a fellow Italian in Berlin: Lucretio, the label manager of Detroit’s Mixworks. Lucretio had already been sending Alex's output to the mastermind of the Mixworks network, Buzz Goree, which led Alex to release ‘Berlin Dub’ as part of the Persistence EP – Mixworks’ debut release. He followed this up by returning to Mixworks as Chronic Flakes and releasing ‘Numalbix’, which came out on the Dance Tactics EP (the label’s second project). 2008 furthermore saw Alex release his first full EP as a solo artist, Furby Floppy, on Luciano’s Cadenza Records. This won him nods from both peers and press, and ‘Floppy’ went on to feature on Luciano’s Fabric 41 mix, while the slow-burning ‘Berlin Dub’ was included on Âme’s Fabric 42. Around this time Alex also became involved with AltaVoz, a collective/event that nurtures the development of electronic music in Italy, where he DJed with such artists as Carl Craig, Onur Ozer and Vincent Lemieux. Bringing a warmer, more human feeling to mixing than many of his contemporaries, Alex has now played at such clubs as the aptly named Underground in Ibiza and Fabric in London. 


As well as at Cadenza showcases around Europe, from Cocoon Club and Watergate in Germany to the buzzing Black Sea Coast of Romania. He also felt firsthand the force of Underground Resistance when he visited the US for the first time to play a couple of sets in Detroit during Movement DEMF 2009. First at a Mixworks’ party, alongside Buzz Goree, Mike Servito and several other real deal DJs, then at an after-hours hosted by the irrepressible Seth Troxler. 2009 sees Alex continue to explore a subterranean landscape of beats through his groove-ridden Motherland EP out on Bosconi Records, and a third cut for Mixworks called ‘No Kiss’, which has already been supported by heavyweights like Luciano, Hawtin, Villalobos and Raresh. Alex is also planning another EP, based around his ‘Mon Amour’ track, complete with an exceptional remix from Chris Carrier. 


Then there’s another Chronic Flakes collaboration, this time for Mike Shannon’s Cynosure imprint. Not to mention fresh material born of his friendship with Argentinian adventurer Ernesto Ferreyra. Music. Playing it, producing it, and making it happen, for the true heads. This is the fuel that ignites the passion of Picone. A life lived for, and through,



BETOKO Guest Friend

London based, Mexican born Beto Cohen is Betoko, a producer who has quickly risen through the ranks since first emerging in 2007. Having drummed in bands and played guitar as a teen, he went on to co-founding a modelling agency and production company before moving to London in 2002 – a move which proved hugely important for his musical career.


It was here that he discovered a passion for electronic music, immersed deep in the city’s famous scene, before hooking up with the much-lauded Wow! Records – a label run by Amnesia Ibiza legend Mar T. Early releases from Betoko showed the man to have his own distinctive approach, joining the dots between tech, minimal and house music with great style.


Now he has an esteemed back catalogue, regularly picks up support from peers like Steve Lawler, Sven Vath and Marco Carola, whilst his tracks have also been licensed for use on TV shows like CSI, a number of advertising campaigns and Madonna’s Sticky N Sweet Tour. Of course, natural progression and a hunger for great new music means Betoko is now the head of his own two labels, Oko and Chilli Mint Music, both of which release quality house and tech on vinyl and digital and get charted by a top list of DJs.


The future holds many more releases for Betoko, adding to ones on Diynamic, Get Physical, Moodmusic and Audiofly’s Supernature, as well as many more gigs. In the past these have seen him spin his infectious sounds at Europe’s uber-cool spots like Fabric in London, Amnesia and Ushaia Ibiza, Kater Holzig in Berlin and more. His release “Raining Again” on Diynamic has captured the world’s imagination and he is now set to continue to tour the world far and wide.



Dani Casarano is a bona fide DJ/producer who has traversed this planet in search of perfect beats since the late 90s. His perpetual swing is informed by a seductive musicality that, without fail, lifts spirits and stirs feet. Born in Switzerland, he was based out of Santiago, Chile for over a decade, before returning back to his roots. Now signed to Cadenza, he’s represented the label during showcases at such venues as Ushuaia in Ibiza. He’s also played for Circoloco at DC10 and Cocoon in Chile and holds a residency at Mad Club in Switzerland. Often collaborating with like-minded musician Felipe Valenzuela, together they form a brotherhood that’s produced wave after wave of dancefloor defining tracks, most recently including ‘Tia Anita’ on Andes Music, ‘Will Be’ on Fumalab, and ‘Otra Vida’ on Fumakilla. Then there’s ‘La Tulipe’ on Cadenza, with its eternal bloom of youth that’s touched such makers of taste as Raresh and Ricardo Villalobos as much as label leader Luciano.


Dani Casarano was born in Morges, by Lake Geneva, near Lausanne, to Italian parents. At 12 years old, he was absorbing hip-hop and acid jazz. He also soaked in the sounds that resounded at home, which featured, among others, Italian composer Ennio Morricone. Taking his destiny into his own hands, at just 14, Dani was inspired by house music and invested in Technics turntables. He also took guitar lessons and learnt musical notation. After leaving school, which he attended with Luciano, he decided to take the trip of a lifetime. The year was 1997 and the country he chose, after receiving an invitation from long-time compadre Luciano, was Chile. Magical, metaphysical, and volcanic, it was not unlike the rolling grooves that he loved and played. And it was here that he first met Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack and Argenis Brito.


Dani soon began making his own productions, a servant to a universal groove. Always approaching electronic music with organic and acoustic elements. Always adapting to new places, faces, ideas and seasonal flavours. Yet always preserving the story and soul of the dance, the foundations of the scene. His debut was a CD album entitled In Transit 8 Track, which he wrote and produced under the alias Tony Mass, released on South American label Sum Records. He also contributed a single called ‘Break Sense’ to the Love Parade Santiago – Chile 2005 compilation on BMG. His first track to land on his beloved vinyl was ‘Oiseaux Sans Ailes’, produced with Ernesto Albacete (Ernie), which came out on Spanish label Deep Explorer in 2006. He then produced the techy, synth-heavy ‘El Zapo Hablo’; ‘the toad speaks’ being a Chilean expression for when everyone knows a secret about you. This was released in 2006 on Germany’s Connaisseur Supérieur, thereby the ‘undisclosed’ became self-evident: the man may be modest but his music was now speaking for itself.


Besides solo work, Dani regularly forms a DJ/production partnership with Chile’s Felipe Valenzuela. They are akin to brothers, born just one day apart, and have signed music to such labels as, among others, Bond, Recycle Records, and Metroline, where they were remixed by Oslo Records’ boss Nekes, producing lush funky sounds with earthy Latin American and African undertones – global dance music – that has impacted on heads, from John Digweed to Ben Watt to Nick Curly. Plus, as we speed towards 2010, there’s a boatload of fresh material on the horizon. For example, their ‘Santi EP’ will break on Fumakilla, and a remix will drop for on Berlin-based Waldliebe Musik as well as for Iranzo Lasia on Italy’s Frequenza Limited. Meanwhile, Dani looks forward to kick-starting a second artist album, and even has an ambition to create film soundtracks. He will also continue to build upon his DJing, having already played everywhere from Ibizan superclubs (Pacha, Privilege and Space) to Berlin’s underground (Club der Visionaere) to Latin American hotspots (including D-Edge and Mint) and festivals (such as Creamfields and South American Music Conference (SAMC)).


DEAN JON Resident Artist

Dean was raised in South London, England and during this time in his early teens, his journey started when he purchased his very first 12′′ from Red Records in Peckham. His passion for underground music grew from there and at a very young age, Dean played at underground raves and on local radio stations. He still craves for the electronic underground sound to present day and combines a lot of these elements into his productions and mixes.


Dean has performed internationally in countries such as Canada, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Spain and Sri Lanka.


Featured highlights of Dean’s career involved performing and supporting WILL.I.AM at London’s Coronet Theatre in 2010 which proved to be one of his career milestones. The previous year of 2009 he headlined at Hikkafest to a 10,000 strong crowd and headlined for the second consecutive year.


As a DJ, what makes Dean’s talent stand out from rest is, he’s probably one of the few DJ’s in London who can produce and mix a number of genres amongst his preferred underground house. His knowledge is endless right back to Detroit and Classic House from the late 80′s.


Dean currently holds DJ residencies at Sentio, Avalanche (Ibiza) and Lifted events. Aside from his UK residencies, particularly around his native London, Dean is no stranger to the far east club scene, having recently completed three tours in Singapore, Japan and Bali.


Over the years Dean Jon successfully built his following from his creative mind, gaining massive praise on his home turf.


Dean’s founded labels Sentio & Lifted Recordings is on going expanding with over 60 releases to date.


Under his labels he has hosted a number of events and festivals throughout the UK, Ibiza and Bali.


Dean’s events evolved into the birth of two record labels he formed in 2010 and 2012. He decided to limit the club events and showcase more intimate events after hosting most major club venues throughout southern UK. As a label promoter he has hosted over 200 events to date which includes the highly successful Serata project and has received a Cancer Research Recognition Award.


2013 proves to be an interesting year for his indie label’s showcased events with his new roster he leads.



Desyn is one of the very few DJ’s in recent years that has stood out and caught the ear of some of the worlds largest DJs (with Deep Dish, Sander K and Danny Howells nominating him as their ‘future DJ Hero’ in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 poll). With many established DJs and nucomer DJs leaning towards a particular style and musical range many are pigeon holed into a ‘genre’ of music. Desyn, however, has managed to establish his own sound that crosses boundaries and makes difficult to categorize. Desyn incorporates house classics, deep, tech, funky and progressive in his sets. His musical taste takes inspiration from everything and anything that he feels. "I listen and take inspiration from almost any type of music. Many tracks I find may not be instantly playable, so I use technology such as Pro Tools and Ableton live to re-edit tracks or update them so they will then fit into my vision of how the music should sound on the dance floor”. 


Desyn’s love of house music began in 1989. Born and raised in London he was exposed to the acid house movement at 16 and a devoted regular at the legendary spiral tribe and traveller raves around the UK at that time. Having bought his first set of turntables in 1990 and working for 6 years as a ‘computer techie’ his passion and real love in life was music. 


His DJ career all began with 1 mix CD that he took a considerable amount of time and love preparing, he sent it out to 100 random people that requested the CD from a post that Desyn put out onto various Internet message boards. After a few months the CD had been passed all around the world and ended up on the laps of various promoters and DJs. The CD made such an impression that Desyn, although completely unknown at the time began to get international gig requests. From his first international gigs in Helsinki and Tampara, Finland 2000, to his chaotic schedule today; it all sparked off from that one mix CD. 


In late 2000 Desyn met with Abi Farisi who is today still his current worldwide manager. A great friendship and mutual love of house music saw the two start a DJ agency called Symphonic in 2001, from which Abi started work on pushing Desyn’s career along with some other well known DJs that joined the roster. 2002 saw Desyn’s career skyrocket; with Deep Dish’s exclusive US booking agency, Bullitt, signing him up to their US roster. 2002 kept Desyn packed with tours and performances. Kicking off the year with a cover mount CD for DJ Magazine (WMC issue), headlining at Glastonbury, and performing notable 6-hour sets around the globe and guesting in venues such as Cream (Liverpool), Gatecrasher and Renaissance (Worldwide). During a hectic 2003, Desyn embarked on a global tour supporting his Yoshitoshi 3 ‘In House We Trust’ CD. Performing 80 dates in 100 days, in some of the world’s largest venues, for some of the most renowned companies, sponsors and festivals around the UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Malaysia, Asia, Middle East, North and South America. 2003... having already released the highly acclaimed mix CD ‘In House We Trust 3’ (Yoshitoshi), and DJ magazines’ WMC ‘02 cover mount, Desyn was steering his exciting new label Alternative Route (house and progressive) into the forefront of the scene. With his first signing (2001) being the mighty KC FLIGHTT ’VOICES’ and one of the most recent and successful releases being the colossal Chable & Bonnici ‘Ride’. Other releases have included tracks from friends and producers, 16B, PMT, Creamer & K and DJ Vibe. 


The success of these tracks On Alternative Route are testament to Desyn’s A&R ability to unearth superb originals, both new and old. 2003 saw the launch of Desyn’s second label SEXONWAX co-owned with 16B. The label has already gained international reputation for superb releases from dance legends MR C and Danny Howells (with a third single forthcoming). 2004... Desyn’s productions pointed the way to an exhilarating future. His first two singles with co-idiots Omid 16b and Leon Roberts, The Idiots ‘Feel The Rush’ and ‘Keep it Real’ (Sexonwax) were featured on Danny Howells’ 24/7 Compilation. His first remix (Solar Plexus) is exhibited on Deep Dish’s Global Underground (025). Desyn has completed remixes and edits for Yoshitoshi – Brother Brown’s ’King’s of Tomorrow’, Eddie Amador’s ‘Psycho Ex-girlfriend’ and the merging of ‘Loudeast and Luzon’. The Idiots produced ‘Dogman’, remixed Danny Howell’s, ‘Spikes’ (Sexonwax) as well as two remixes’ of ‘Sharpside’, Belgian Resistance (Renaissance). John Digweed requested Desyn join him on his ‘End Of Summer Tour’ around the USA. Having joined forces with The Collective Agency (NYC) and Excession (UK), a nomination for BBC Radio 1’s “Essential Mix of the Year”, together with the Original Series (OS_1) Bedrock Desyn’s profile continued to grow. 


2005... A third record label “Symphonic” will be launched this July and ran in conjunction with 4 international artists based around the world. With one of his best WMC’s to date, a Radio 1 “Live” Essential Mix and an outstanding “Balance 008” double mix series looming, release date October, 2005 – we should be seeing Desyn further establish his name

as one of the high, ranking, international DJs.



Spring 2013, and Electronic Youth stand poised to cement less than two years of hard graft and critical acclaim into commercial success. A summer smash is in the offing with their take on the Angie Stone classic “Wish I Didn’t Miss You” featuring Alex Hart now signed to New State Recordings and awaiting launch.


Tastemaker support for their sound from the likes of Skream and Benga, Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Claude Von Stroke, Luca C, & Mark Knight compounds the output of their own productions released on Sexy Trash Digital; the imprint started by Electronic Youth to showcase their take on “house” with 80's electro and early house influences, deep bass lines and tuff beats, all aligned with a veneer of urban vocal.

Topping things off are their DJ performances, with recent UK sets for Loco Dice @ Electric Brixton, Def Mix 25th Anniversary & Stealth (both Ministry of Sound) along with their long standing “Random” residency, and a calendar about to populate with summer gigs including UK’s High Definition Festival (pre party), soon to be announced Ibiza action, and a return to Stealth @ Ministry of Sound.


That’s now, but how about “then”...

The duo that is Electronic Youth comprises LeisureGroove & Rustem Rustem.

Rustem moved through an early career in vinyl distribution whilst helming his own Loonacy & Spud Records imprints, adding a spell in charge of The Hoxton Whores own WhoreHouse Records.


LeisureGroove created a solo production career with success and support from the likes of Judge Jules, and Seb Fontaine via his own label Digital Disco Records collaborating with the likes of Angie Brown, and seeing successful release with the likes of Hed Kandi.

The two then hooked up on the UK DJ circuit, and created Sexy Trash Digital with initial releases on the label including 'Rat Race' and 'People' under their own names.


A change direction in sound took place reflecting their joint desire to create something new and fresh, reflecting their musical influences combined with the “deep” sound emerging from London and the South East ...Electronic Youth was born!

This is where it gets a little hectic...


An EP signed to Sander Kleinenberg's label THIS IS Records kicks things off. New York label System Recordings releases the 'Life On Mars EP', Sexy Trash Digital' re-launches with self-produced EP's and output from signed artists including Subk0de & Sebastian Klone. Electronic Youth create remixes for MYNC ( getting their own single released on CR2 Records as a result), and two very large “unofficial” remixes namely Kariya’s “Let Me Love You For Tonight” and Angie Stone’s “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”.


In addition scan the listings on the likes of Beatport and you’ll find Electronic Youth’s production work curated by the likes of Maquina Music, PHD Recordings, Stealth Records and Conkrete Digital with further releases due on their own Sexy Trash Digital in 2013.


Step forward to 2014 and the release of Electronic Youth’s debut album beckons...

Squeezing a decade of personal dance experiences and a lifetime of musical influences into one long player ain’t gonna be easy, but when “The Youth” are on their watch you know it’s going to be something big!


Pop a note in your musical calendar...................meantime they’ll see you on the dancefloor!


ITALOBOYZ Guest Friend

Since arriving in London at the beginning of the new millennium, Italoboyz, aka Marco Donato and Federico Marton, have become an essential fixture of the capital’s small but passionate house/techno/minimal scene. From their notorious back-to-back DJ sets at FESH (333, London), their reputation has grown to the point where they can now be found playing regularly across the planet. However, it’s not just the energy and flair of their DJ sets that has captured the imagination, Italoboyz releases now on some of today’s most influential minimal-house / techno labels like Mothership and Get Physical, after starting to work in 2005/2006 with label like Treibstoff, Einmaleins Musik, Gumption and Safari Electronique.


"When you realize that without moving there won’t be any change, you move…" explains Marco, so that’s exactly what they did, swapping their native Italy for London (Marco in 2001 and Fede in 2002), urged on by separate desires to go deeper and get more involved in electronic music. It was this fusion of minds, with complementary ways of both absorbing and communicating electronic music that inspired them to team up and form Italoboyz in 2002. Since then they haven’t stopped moving forward, obsessively exploring the hybrid sounds of house and techno through their love of minimalism, acid-house and hi-tech funk.


Although their sound has always been characterized by organic elements along with large doses of funk and energy, the distinctive flavor of their productions and DJ sets is down to a willingness to embrace and explore the various genres and sub-genres that develop out of this constantly evolving music. One of the reasons Italoboyz productions are so well received is the fact that their musical expression is a fusion of sounds, themes and ideas resulting from over 15 years of music research and DJing experience. Their aim is to deliver the most modern, cutting edge sound possible but it should still resonate through time, both past and future, in order to make the immediate experience all the more seductive.


When they were throwing their own parties in 2003/2004 they built up quite a following, often running all day long from Sunday afternoon till early Monday morning. It’s an experience that has given them valuable knowledge and insight into the difference between playing in a ‘peak time’ club environment and a more laid back ‘after hour’ situation where the emphasis is on creating sonic landscapes that morph from easy-listening, atmospheric sounds to more dance orientated grooves.


In 2007 there was a surge of events: starting with the “Accendiamo l'ascensore” EP (feat. Rico Casazza and SozAdams aka MarcAshken) on Gumption Recordings in February, followed by the release of “Viktor Casanova” - the track with the mysterious female opera singer - on Claude VonStrokes new label Mothership Music in July 07. This outstanding track developed into one of the biggest underground club hits of the last few years, highly supported initially by Villalobos, Dice, Sven Vaeth and Luciano, and then played in every corner on the planet from every DJ on heart, from house to techno to electro. Their next EP on Get Physical Music "Zinga” at the beginning of 2008 was again a huge club hit and established the guys profile world wide.


After the success of Viktor Casanova and Zinga there was no way that the Italoboyz could possibly top their own tracks? Wrong! They created an organic techno masterpiece ’Bahia,’ enlisting the help of one of the greatest jazz musicians of our time - John Coltrane. Italoboyz vs. Johan Coltrane “Bahia” is once again a club hit, the third in a row…


After playing at places like Watergate in Berlin, CocoonClub in Frankfurt, The WIRE festival in Tokyo, the Dissonanze Festival in Rome, in front of 6000 enthusiastically screaming people at PollerWiesen open Air in Cologne, gigs in the USA, the Middle East, Africa or Asia, the Italoboyz are handled as one of the hottest and most wanted newcomer. Their first live set presented in front of hundreds of thousand people at Loveparade in Dortmund this year is for sure the highlight of their career so far…


Besides touring Federico and Marco spent every free minute in the studio. They are working on their next EP for Get Physical Music and also on a full length album which will be finished for a release next year…



Currently responsible for leading worldwide one of the most important labels in the electronic music refers MONZA IBIZA RECORDS :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::


Actualmente responsable de dirigir a nivel mundial uno de los sellos mas relevantes en cuanto a música electrónica se refiere MONZA IBIZA RECORDS :: :: :: ::



Luca Fabiani was born in Turin. After moving to Milan begins to play drums at 11 years and approaches to electronic music in 1995 attending clubs like Mazoom and Alterego: he follows the current Afro / experimental music proposed by djs like Marco Dionigi and Adrian Morrison.


Spends his days in the best record stores in the Milan scene buying a lot of vinyls labeled as "Underground Music" (Twisted, Nervous, Yoshitoshi, Ovum etc which has the first releases) and is also dedicated to the production of drumbeats. In 1998 he buys him first Roland (Mc - 505). He starts also to follow the goa trance scene playing in a lot of illegal rave parties, having fun and experimenting with new sounds.


In 1999 he returned to make club music after being in Ibiza and Mykonos. At the same time works in television as an assistant director and journalist.


Job which left in 2002 after his first summer season in Ibiza: he starts doing the DJ profession after some promoters heard his music in some sessions in villas of the island. After this he starts to play at Pacha every Monday.


Since summer 2003 he played in an Ibiza underground party called "Come With Us" and at Space on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Begins play around Europe exporting his energy in the cabin. The sound followed the happy wave of Ibiza. From 2004 he became resident guest of "Salvacion Ibiza" at "El Divino". He also plays at the closing and opening parties of Space Ibiza in the main room.


In 2009 comes out his first official records on "Motivo Records": "Mirror Of Time" and "My Yellow Train". Two minimal techno tunes supported by some djs around the world.

In 2011 he moved to Barcelona and became resident dj at one of the most important event of the underground scene": The "Club4" of Paco Osuna.


In 2012 with Stefano Lotti opens the "Equilibrium Lab" records and he starts to be A&R Manager of it.


MARTIN BUNDSEN Resident Artist

With the help of pirate radio, playing the latest club tracks, Martin's interest in electronic music and the typical 4/4 rhythm was born. Groups like Kraftwerk, Ten City, Depeche Mode, Orbital, and Inner City were all an early influence and at the age of 14, Martin went to his first rave and he was in love! The music, the lights, the atmosphere, and dancing all night. Electronic music became his biggest interest alongside graffiti.

In 1996, Martin moved to the US to study in a little town in Wisconsin called Green Bay, about three hours from Chicago. He was soon introduced to the Chicago sound through DJ’s like DJ Sneak, Paul Johnson, Glenn Underground, DJ Funk, Gene Hunt and Terry Mullan, just to name a few. After hooking up with local DJ Kevin Spencer who was originally from Chicago, Martin made his first attempt to mix on the wheels of steel. He knew right then that this was something he wanted to do for rest of his life.


Back in Sweden, Martin soon saved up to get his own set of Technics sl-1200mk2's. He quickly picked up on the basics, and by 1998 he had his first official gig at a smaller club in Stockholm. After that things started moving and he started picking up more and more gigs all over town.


In 2003, Martin went back to school. Four years later he had finished his master in business at Stockholm University. While studying, DJing was the perfect extra job and the gigs kept getting bigger and bigger. In 2005 Martin won a DJ-competition called "DJ Talent Search", that was held at one of Stockholm's best clubs Grodan (Cocktail Club). After that he went on tour with the magazine LET, "Les Enfants Terribles" and played at different clubs across Sweden.


Martin soon felt that Stockholm was too small so in January of 2008 he decided to move to London to procede his dream.


Martin's love for music is mirrored in his DJ-sets, playing anything from deep house to techno. He is most known for his sets of rhythmic tech house bombs, blending big anthems with the latest underground tracks, constantly tweaking and playing around with the music, making it impossible to stand still. 


Martin has played alongside top DJ’s such as Desyn Masiello, Alex Arnout, Luca Fabiani, Alex Picone, Dani Casarano, Neverdogs, Axel Boman, Axwell, Steve Angello, Sarah Main, Simon Dale, Tim Sheridan, Silicone Soul, Dana Bergquist and Filth&Splendour just to name a few.



In the space of two short years Michel Cleis has vaulted from being an unknown producer with a handful of vinyl releases to his name to one of the hottest artists in electronic music, thanks to a little old tune called La Mezcla.


Back in 2008 Luciano heard a record that defied categorisation. A sinuous blend of Latin rhythms, tribal drums and an unforgettable Spanish vocal, it didn’t fit anywhere – except Cadenza. Luciano signed La Mezcla and suddenly Michel Cleis' name was ringing in the ears of Europe’s club cognoscenti, who were dazzled by his unheralded genius.


To know Michel is to understand that only he could have made a track like La Mezcla because it embodies the richness and variety of his life and music. Born and raised in the Italian part of Switzerland (contrary to some internet reports, he is ‘100% Swiss’), Michel Cleis speaks five languages, and grew up listening to everything from Miles Davis and John Coltrane to the Beatles and Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti. As a student in Lausanne, he witnessed the blossoming of house music with artists like Adamski, Robert Owens and Kid Bachelor. Nevertheless, he did not imagine a career in music. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” Michel jokes, “but I didn’t want a normal job.”


Despite a childhood yearning to become a baker, Michel became a practicing psychologist. His love for music never dwindled, however, and he continued to DJ whenever possible. A fateful basketball game pushed him into production – he broke his leg and was laid up at home for three months. “I was afraid of going crazy,” he recalls, “So I bought a sampler and started playing around with my records.” Michel’s passion and knowledge of music, developed over long years of listening and DJing, came bubbling to the surface and quickly resulted in releases on labels including Rekids, Supplement Facts, Buzzin’ Fly, Aus, Strictly Rhythm and – of course – Cadenza.


Michel credits Luciano with championing ‘La Mezcla’ and turning a personal masterpiece into a worldwide hit. “I never expected it,” he says modestly. Always eager to move forward, Michel is currently working on his debut album, which he envisions reaching beyond the confines of the dancefloor. “It won’t be ‘just for clubs’,” he assures. In the meantime, he is enjoying touring with, and playing for, Cadenza.



Ability, originality and accomplishment. In Michael Woods' short career he has managed to touch on every cornerstone, leaving proof of his musical competence at producing big room, progressive and tech-house tracks, along with a discernible motivation to better the quality of music being distributed. This has not gone unnoticed with DJs like Pete Tong consistently throwing props his way.

From Argentinean & Guyanese decent, he was born and raised in Hackney London which he still calls home and runs his studio from there. Classically trained in a range of instruments at an early age provided Michael with a catalogue of creative skills including the keys (which he learned to play at the tender age of 3), guitar, drums and trumpet, practically making him a one man band. When not in the studio messing around with Logic, developing his craft, he would be found at Pimlico’s Trinity Music College where he contracted a love for musicality, often using his spare time orchestrating with the percussion section of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Earlier achievements include his debut single, "Warrior" released in 2000 and the critically acclaimed remix of Energy 52’s "Café Del Mar", both of which are still considered as classic’s among DJs and fans alike. But today’s finished products could not sound more different. They carry a deep, driving and delectable collection of electronic sounds, with melodious, cascading synths and hands-in-the- air rush-inducing drops. This is what Michael Woods is renowned for, and has created an individual sound that he is pioneering, making him a stunning example of an artist that flows with, as well as initiates, music’s changes.

Collaborations with the likes of Chris Lake, Funkagenda & Mark Knight conclude as featured tracks on various compilations and act as proof of his skillful production abilities. It’s alliances like these that excite the growing fan base, but are not the sole examples of his talent, as original tracks such as "Nitro", "Midnight Run", "Dynamik", “No Access” and "First Aid" are continually supported.

Alongside an impressive catalogue of tracks on numerous labels including Mau5trap, and Toolroom Records, many established artists such as Underworld, Martin Sloveig and Moguai have hired Michael Woods to renovate their sound into a style which emulates his musical vision, including the Deadmau5 & Chris Lake’s “I Said”, which became the only remixed track featured on the 2010 album, “4x4=12”. In addition, mainstream artists such as Kylie, Estelle, The Ting Tings, The Temper Trap, P Diddy and Ginuwine ft Timbaland & Missy Elliot have all borrowed his insatiable remixing skills, leaving his studio rarely empty. His ability to rework music with an exceptionally sharp ear for quality production has left him in high regard with many artists and labels across the industry, leading to a nomination for ‘Best Remixer’ at this year’s 2011 IDMA's (International Dance Music Awards).


Michael Woods now borrows some of this growing respect offering it to his label, Diffused Music, which houses applauded tracks from him self and others. The rapidly growing label is another imperative ingredient in furthering the exhilarating Michael Woods history book.


As well as the continuous success of his music, his dexterity as a DJ completes Michael Woods as a dynamic and credible artist. In demand across the globe he plays everywhere from Europe to USA, ending 2010 with a successful USA Tour. Other accomplishments to-date includes a summer residency for Cream at Amnesia in Ibiza (2010), while Deadmau5 invited him on his infamous 2010 UK tour. The latest addition to Michael's ever increasing list of successes is being crowned the new global resident at one of dance music’s biggest super brands: Ministry of Sound. With industry heavyweights like Fedde Le Grand, Benny Benassi and Mark Knight as his peers, this is yet another triumph for Michael Woods and marks his growing importance in dance music today. After a year of unprecedented success, this residency is another milestone in his career, which sees Michael Woods playing as the face of the Ministry worldwide for a whole host of events, adding his name to the array of esteemed DJ’s that already accompany the Ministry brand and reputation.


For 2011, Michael Woods continues his relationship with Ministry and kick starts a new series of mix compilations for the brand, aptly entitled Ministry of Sound – Residents. Not a first for the artist, after the infamous Amnesia dance-house honoured Michael by asking him to mix one side of the “Amnesia Ibiza Deejay Sessions vol.6” compilation to accompany the Cream summer residency. All are prime examples of the ever growing popularity of Michael Woods, where his presence is always

well received by fans and top clubs alike. It is clear that his creativity knows no bounds, and each

attainment is just another chapter of this musical characters story.


NEVERDOGS Guest Friend

Tommy Paone & Marko Kay are the Neverdogs...

the two artists started to play separately in the early nineties. They met each other in 2000 in Florence where the Neverdogs project was born.


Breaking into the electronic/dance circuit in 2005, this Italian duo has continued to advance their incredible reputation as both djs and producers. Now renowned in underground and influential industry circles, their dynamic sound is sought after by the most clandestine gatherings in Italy, Ibiza, London, Miami and beyond. They regularly headline the globes finest establishments and seminal parties, and have honed their production skills with several exceptional releases. It’s been a special journey and mind-blowing trip...


Catapulted into the limelight during the summer of 2005 via a collaborative project with Italy’s most sought after events, the DocShow (a decadent melange of music, art & performance), the Neverdogs were suddenly on the radar. Next, taking flight to Ibiza and London, they relocated for the summer and winter seasons in 2006. On the white isle, the first of many residencies and regular appearances began at Ibiza institutions Privilege, Space, Zoo Project & Underground. In 2009, their already burgeoning Ibiza status exploded with the launch of the most exclusive Katamaran parties. Hosted by Sexy’n’Chic, guests including Villalobos, Jose De Divina, System of Survival and a host of others, joined Marko & Tommy for a musical voyage marvelled as one of the islands not-so-best-kept secrets...


Back in London for the winter months, they soon established regular appearances at two of the Capitals coolest parties, Retox (RIP!) & Follow Me, the latter of which they still hold down today along with it’s sister event, the elite and super secret ‘costume’ parties...


In 2010, Pacha invited them to mix & compile the first “International VIP compilation”, a year that also marked Marko & Tommy’s production debut. Keeping their first material to themselves and only to select dj friends, artists such as Pascal Feos, G-Pal, Steve Lawler and Satoshi Tomiie became instant fans. Now releasing their productions onto labels, current material on Idea and Eukatech Records have found homes within Richie Hawtin, Timo Maas and Bushwacha!’s playlist’s. Watch out for their collaborative project on Pleiadians Records with Circo Loco duo, Jose De Divina and System

of Survival...


NIMA GORJI Guest Friend

Nima Gorji, was born in Teheran in 1972. His father being a guitarist, Nima got into music very young. At the age of 5, he was already listening carefully to his father while staying in the backstage with his mother. After the iranian revolution in 1979, his family escaped from the country, and after several trial to live in germany, they finally settle down in Denmark in 1984 where he got his citizenship.


In Denmark his passion for music got bigger , and Nima started to play keyboards in a band strongly influenced by Depeche Mode, New Order and such like. In 1989 he does his first demo recording in a professional studio , meantime attending classes at the music school of Denmark.


Right after the school, in 1990 he meets his "mentor" who teaches him to spin vinyl.


From that moment his love for vinyl never stopped. For the next couple of years Nima concentrate only about djing. In 1998 he releases his first tracks as menimax on logic records, and starts achieving great success in Scandinavia through his own productions as black powder and events as verydisco.


But somehow, he got tired of Denmark and decided to settle down in Ibiza in 2005 where he plays regularly in all the clubs like Space, Pacha and Privilege, and receives the Ibiza resident dj award in 2010. Since 2 years he became a permanent resident of Monza Ibiza @ Sankeys.


He also produces various tracks released on his own label Welt recordings, and many others like Murmur, Cecille, Oslo, International Freakshow, Off recordings or Tanzbar, and of course Monza Ibiza Records, to name few of them. Meantime, you can find him spinning worldwide ... Always, his sets are unique and surprising, ... non obvious ... seamlessly blending old school music with new productions, whilst implementing his timeless love of vinyl in his legendary performances.


ROB MARMOT Guest Friend

Resident dj for Pete Tong’s international club brand ‘Wonderland’ its no wonder the talented Rob Marmot is a regular DJ at many of the world's most glamorous parties and clubs. After returning from his tour of Asia, Rob returned to the UK to DJ for Eric Morillo for the lauch of his Luggage range Knomo and then at The Ministry Of Sound alongside Pete Tong for his Wonderland residency, Rob is now working hard in the Studio After receiving ha accolade for "The Essential New Tune" Carpe Diem on Radio 1 at the end of 2009 and has his new release Baghdad Boogie coming out on "Spinnin" in the next few weeks with his other collaboration with Juan Kidd "Summer Breeze" being signed to Eric Morillo's Subliminal label for release this Summer, he has other releases scheduled over the summer, This Summer Rob is weekly main room resident at Pete Tong's Wonderland @ Eden, and has dates for Subliminal at Pacha, Rob will also be hosting the Wonderland Radio show every week in Ibiza on Ibiza Global Fm, and many other dates confirmed at various venues. 


Last years Ibiza summer residency at Pete Tong’s ‘Wonderland’ saw Rob tearing up the main room’s dance floor alongside host Pete and guests djs Fatboy Slim, Luciano, Groove Armada, Timo Maas & Deadmau5 and many more, Rob’s profile is going from strength to strength. Rob’s Ibiza residency for ‘Wonderland’ has also been extended to their nights @ Ministry of Sound in London where Rob is the only dj trusted by Pete to perform in both the main room and the bar on the same night. He also played before Groove Armada and then After Groove Armada to finish off the night in Ibiza, this shows Rob's ability to read the crowd and play alongside the worlds best.


Rob had a busy 2008 which credits include his residency alongside Pete Tong and Groove Armada for Wonderland @ Eden playing alongside Eric Prydz, Deadmou5, Tania Vulcano, playing on the terraces of Miami and Ibiza, being personally invited by Erick Morillo's to perform at his birthday party at 2008 WMC. Other highlights include playing alongside Carl Cox at Pete Tongs birthday, getting flown to Jamaica to perform alongside 50 Per Cent, Jay Kay and Kimani Marley (Bob Marley's son) and DJing alongside Eric Morillo, Sven Vath, Behrouz, Dave Dorrell and Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys.


amongst others. Rob kick-started 2008 playing the NYE full moon party, Thailand before a five week country tour and a concentrated stint in the studio prior to flying out to perform at the Azuli party at the WMC. He also was a regular guest dj on the weekly ‘Ibitronic’ radio show Global FM.

When not jet-setting around the world Rob regularly plays at the UK's top venues including Pacha, Egg, Kissdafunk, Azuli and a regular dj at the legendary London nightclub The Cross.


Rob's knowledge, versatile music style, energetic upbeat persona and profile releases as a producer and remixer are the some of the reasons why he has quickly become a rising star on the scene. Able to excite the ears of the world's most musically astute djs and producers at underground parties in Miami, UK and Ibiza, he can a equally be found rocking the most audiences on more accessible dance floors.


Rob’s also an established name as a prolific music producer who has gained a lot of attention and awareness on the radar of the industry's elite. Pete Tong has just made Rob's new track Carpe Diem - Radio 1's Essential New Tune and has been playing his latest release Summer Breeze almost every week during the summer in Ibiza and still now and has aired on radio 1 as well, his other track has been signed to Floor Play and is due for release in the next month. With Spinnin also signing Rob's remix of "Turn It Around" and a new release Bagdad Boogie coming out very shortly. Rob has also had releases on Floor play , Berwick Street and Very Very Wrong label and his third release 'Long Dark Tunnel' on Newstate's IIO T- Minus reached no.2 in the DJ Download chart, Look out for new releases from Rob this year and collaborations with My Digital Enemy and Pete Tong.


Over the past six months Rob's profile has escalated at a speedy pace. Recently being invited to mix the third CD on incredibly popular Fantazia Club Classics series which was released by Ministry of Sound. The compilation went on to sell over 40,000 copies and topped the UK national compilation

chart at number six.


YAYA Guest Friend

Some notorious electronic music talents have started their careers as percussionists. And so did Yaya, but his tale is different to all the rest. His new release for Desolat takes a unique, upbeat approach to 4/4 beats: combining heartfelt Benin influences – samples from dialogue and traditional ballads – with the stretched-out tension and release of Balearic and the bubbling pops and stutters of tech house, plus the occasional kickback to a Commodore64 high score melody.


Raised in Turin, Italy, rhythm was his lifeblood for Yassin Ligali, also known as Yaya, from an early age. His father was the lead vocalist and percussionist for M’Bamina, a band consisting of musicians from Benin, Zaire, Italy and Cameroon. M’Bamina released eight albums, collaborated with artists like Manu Dibango and Salif Keita, were sponsored by Paco Rabanne and played all over Africa, including a show for the presidents of Senegal and France. Their final show was with James Brown in Paris in 1985 – the year Yaya was born.


Well-versed in his father’s legacy, Yaya grew up playing drums and djembe, and at the age of 15, began performing as a percussionist in Turin clubs. Just one year later, he was already DJing, playing funk, soul, afrobeat, house and garage. Manu Dibango and Fela Kuti found a spot in his crate next to records by Masters at Work and Dimitri from Paris: contrasts of rhythm and structure that pervade his music to this very day. From playing in Turin discos like Pier and Doctor Sax, word of the Yaya sound spread and he began playing nights at Amnesia, Lime Light and Pulp in Milan, and Tenax in Florence. 


Pretty soon he was headlining at clubs across Europe: from Fellini and City Hall in Barcelona to Seven in Croatia. Notably, he played at Space in Ibiza – Carl Cox’s Tuesday night party with Angels of Love. There’s something about the atmosphere of Ibiza that suits Yaya to a tee. In his words: twisting, empathetic, joyful and wild.



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