Avalanche London presents ALEX KENNON

While the UK braces itself against the cold of winter and the Ibiza 2016 summer season is still just a little bit too far off, there is still a reason to get excited and dream of those long hot sun soaked days and nights filled with dancing to the best Balearic beats. Saturday February 6 sees celebrated Ibiza party Avalanche bring its unique Ibiza flavor to the heart of the UK capital, for How Deep Is Your House, a massive event in McQueen, Shoreditch.


On Saturday February 6 it comes to McQueen, the popular Shoreditch club space that has itself played host to countless fantastic gatherings previously. The intimate venue offers a stunning two-floored experience, with the ability to generate a roof raising atmosphere, making it the perfect destination for the latest Avalanche get together. The fun kicks off at 8pm, with the main room boasting Avalanche regulars Dean Jon, Martin Bundsen and Zam Stuart as well as Insane Pacha Ibiza resident Alex Kennon adding a genuine Balearic influence. Ibiza 2015 saw Alex Kennon really come to the foreground on the island, his regular Friday night sets alongside John Digweed and MK turned him from talented resident into genuine international star, with dates around the world following the end of the season. His appearance at McQueen for Avalanche gives London clubbers the chance to check out one of the hottest Ibiza DJs of the moment.


While the main room is the undoubted draw, there is plenty of talent on show upstairs in Room two as special guests Olia Mi, Womso and Fran Tinez set the tone. It promises to be a proper Ibiza reunion, just thie thing to quench your thirst for the Balearic island and give you a lift going into the latter part of the winter. In true Ibiza style there will also be an after party, for the battle-hardened clubbers that don’t want to stop dancing. It’s the only Avalanche London party this year, so make sure you don’t miss out. Advance tickets recommended. Private tables on request. Entry to club until 1am.

Avalanche London with Desyn Masiello

You play such a variety of music, how do you choose which records to play from the different genres?

its all down to the venue, crowd and occasion, and often just coming prepared musically for all occasions means you read the vibe and ad-lib the set from feelings at the time, thats how ive played all my life. i have collected a huge amount of music in my life and played all sorted of eclectic sets in festivals and on the radio from 50s/60s to disco, retro 80s, drum n bass and all sorts of house... however as i get older i prefer to focus more and more on minimal underground music. space music, and the framework of that sound. 


What feelings you get when you play in South America ? 

its one of the best feelings for a dj as the people there are in love with the music, they have passion and energy rarely seen elsewhere, and they show it and you feel that energy and love of the music and thats a big encouragement to play better than you have before. there are other great places too though, and any club anywhere in the world can be the same, its really all down to the people


Best gig ever played

any gig in argentina always has a special feeling, many places in new york too can be amazing, also i love this club in toronto run by my friend gregor out there... my bedroom or living room have been some of my favorite gigs too.. those are when the 20hr+ sets happen. 


Who is your favorite dj and why ? 

growing up i had people that inspired me and showed me how magic can be created in a dj set, now days though there is no particular favorite dj. after 20+ years of collecting & playing music i have only focus to make myself my own favorite dj! there is only so long you can be inspired and driven by others, until you work so hard you get to a point where you are doing something that perhaps is ready to inspire people yourself. when that happens you stop admiring and chasing what others have, and a more respectful feeling of others around develops. more lately i am respecting a whole new breed of underground djs around europe who are showing amazing record finding and djing skills and playing a more timeless and miminal sound. check where we feature many of them


Besided Desyn the dj, can you give us some details about what Desyn as a normal guy loves to do ?

desyn is a dad and and a husband and he likes to play daddy every spare second he gets, reading books, entertaining, and making my family happy.


If you weren't a dj, what would you be?

a wanna-be dj!


Avalanche “Special Series” presents Betoko

AVALANCHE returns ones again, injecting yet more magic into the heart of Ibiza. This time bringing you Betoko smashing the decks alongside Alex Kennon, Javier Gonzalez, Sofi Lucius at Tox, Pacha’s Ibiza resort, Destino. 


Our little pre-party present to you: check out he’s interview + FREE promo mix by Betoko, Enjoy!


Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself… 

Hello! I’m Betoko, I’m from Mexico, I live in London since 2002, I’m a Music Producer and DJ, I love Chilli, Tacos and Beer.


What inspires you to DJ? 

The music!


Sum up your DJ sets in three words… 

Deep, Melodic, Funky


Best gig ever played? 

The warung season opening in 2012



Favorite piece of technology? 

Traktor Pro

Avalanche Ibiza presents, Alex Kennon at Destino Club Tox

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself…

i’m a normal guy with a long hair :)) with lots of passion for the music, i work harder every day to achieve my goals, i’m training a lot with the guitar and am constantly learning new technical skills on the piano, everyday trying to find new sounds and inspirations from the people and for the future.


What inspires you to DJ?

From everyday things – the people i meet, the music that i listen to and from the masters of the old school, not only house music but also electronica, rock, Jazz, and any kind of of music that changed the mood of music from the 60′s 70′s and 80′s. I watch the biggest dj’s and musicians and the passion that they put into their work. I come from the heart and i get my enjoyment from the people.

Sum up your DJ sets in three words…


NEW, EXPLOSIVE, CARMATRONIC ( one day you will see )


Best gig ever played?

Every gig is interesting and i enjoy every one but i think Privilege, the first time i played there for The Face Of Ibiza really made an impact on me.


Favorite piece of technology?

The Synthetizers

Avalanche London presents Martin Bundsen

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself...

I grew up in the western suburbs of Stockholm. My interest in music started at an early age, listening to pirate radio, recording my favourite tracks and making my own mixtapes. My interest in music and street culture developed greatly when the documentary “Style Wars” was first shown on Swedish Television. Break Dancing, Hip Hop and Graffiti were new and interesting. I listened to groups like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Afrika Bambaataa, Run DMC, The Sugarhill Gang, Public Enemy, Kurtis Blow, and The Fat Boys, while learning how to sketch and create my own letters. In 1990, only 11 years old, I did my first piece in my friend’s parents garage which read “YO! MTV Raps”.


In 1996, I moved to the US to study in a little town in Wisconsin called Green Bay, about three hours from Chicago. I was soon introduced to the Chicago house sound through DJ’s like DJ Sneak, Paul Johnson, Glenn Underground, DJ Funk, Gene Hunt and Terry Mullan, just to name a few. After hooking up with local DJ Kevin Spencer who was originally from Chicago, I made my first attempt to mix on the wheels of steel. I knew right then that this was something I wanted to do for rest of my life.


Back in Sweden, I soon saved up to get my own set of Technics sl-1200mk2′s. I quickly picked up on the basics of DJing, and by 1998 I had my first official gig at a smaller club in Stockholm. Soon after things really started moving and I picked up more and more gigs all over the city.


In 2003, I started studying at Stockholm University. Four years later I had finished my Master in Business & Administration. While studying, DJing was the perfect part time job and the gigs kept getting bigger and bigger.


In 2005 I won a DJ-competition called “DJ Talent Search”, that was held at one of Stockholm’s best clubs Grodan (Cocktail Club). After that I went on a smaller tour with the magazine LET, “Les Enfants Terribles” and played at various clubs all across Sweden.


I soon felt that Stockholm was too small, so in January of 2008 I decided to move to London to follow my dream.


What was you first encounter with electronic music and how did you start producing?

With the help of pirate radio, playing the latest club tracks, my interest in electronic music and the typical 4/4 rhythm was born. Groups like Kraftwerk, Ten City, Depeche Mode, Orbital, and Inner City were all an early influence. At the age of 14, I went to my first rave and I was in love! The music, the lights, the atmosphere, and I loved dancing all night. Electronic music and graffiti became my biggest interests.


Around 2003 I started playing around with different music production software, slovly learning how to create my own beats. At this time I sampled a lot of old disco tracks and my own productions were very influenced by the Chicago house style. Filter and disco house was hot, so I made some attemts to make my own little hits. I still have some of these tracks, but would never play them today.


In 2006 I bought my first specialised PC for music production from a UK based company called Carillon and started producing more serious tracks. Since I come from a techno background it was mostly drum grooves to start with.


My first releases came out on a label called “The Remix Label” in 2008. Sound quality was really bad and the tracks were never mastered. I soon started producing more melodic and progressive tracks, and my first EP, named the same as the track “Elements” was released on London based label Itch Records. The track was remixed by UK based Betoko and Type1.


In October 2010 my remix of Type1′s remake of the techno classic by Ron Trent, “Altered States” was released on Malfunktion Records. The German label ODA Digital Records saw my potential as a remixer and producer and had me remix two of their upcoming releases, “No More Bus” by Turkish producer Mehmet Akar and German producer Bias Cut’s “Ride My Pony”, supported by Markus Schulz. In 2011, I released my first EP with only my own tracks called “A New Beginning” on Housevisions Records that climbed to number 33 on the progressive release chart. One of the tracks from the EP called “Turn Me Loose”, then got picked up by two other labels and was featured on three different compilations. Soon after, my track “It’s About Time” was featured on a compilation from White Island Records, that in the beginning of 2012 released my second EP called “Endless Possibilities”. ODA Digital Records then released my 3rd EP called “Style Wars”, named after the American graffiti documentary, with remixes from Bias Cut and Andrea Colina & Victor Elle. On the 2nd of July “Vacation Mode” was released on Baroque sub label Rebel with a banging remix from K-Pax. My remix of MockBeat’s track “Together”


came out just in time for ADE on Miami based label MIDI Life Records. My style varies a lot but I’ve left the progressive style and produce more deep, tech house and techno nowadays.


We’ve seen pictures of you playing a banging set at Avalanche in Ibiza. Tell us about your gig there.

My gig at La Plage De L’Elephant for Avalanche was my first gig on the magical island, and what a magical time it was. It was such an amazing feeling starting out the night watching the sun slowly setting behind the mountains while 20 of my best friends were there to party with me. I tried out some of my newest tracks and the crowd loved them. It was a true honour warming up the decks for island legend Luca Fabiani & Avalanche resident and friend Zam Stuart and I can’t wait to come back next year with loads of new material and a groove that makes you move.


Who is your favorite dj and why?

It’s really hard to pick one favourite DJ with so many great ones out there, but watching Joris Voorn at “We Love Space Sundays”, was one of the highlights this summer and I really like his productions.


Besides Martin the dj, can you give us some details about what Martin as a normal guy loves to do?

Besides music my love for graffiti is still very strong. I still paint legal walls around London occationally and I paint canvases for friends and companies. Fitness is also one of my biggest interests and I work very hard at staying in shape. I recently got into fitness modeling and I have worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist for various actors.


Traveling is another thing I love to do, especially mixing business with pleasure. One of my best friends moved to Miami three years ago, so every time I go out there to visit him, I make sure I have at least one gig.


When I want to do something more relaxing I really enjoy fishing. I haven’t done this as much as I’ve been wanting to lately, much due to being too busy with work, but whenever I go back to Sweden I always meet up with my old fishing buddies that also share my interest in music and graffiti, so always loads of great discussions in the boat.

Avalanche Ibiza present, Nima Gorji at La Plage

How did you first get into DJing?

In 1990 i meet an English guy one of the old school dj of England. he teaches me how to spin vinyls and i never dropped it !



How was the last summer in Ibiza and where did you play?

Last year i was playing in Monza @ Sankeys . great summer!



You have some music that has just been released, tell us a little bit about that?

The last release is on Monza Ibiza records on collaboration with sunset people. name of ep: dancer ep



What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

To leave Denmark my home country in 2005 and arrive in Ibiza, and same summer had my residency in space. quite unusual !



If you weren’t a dj, what would you be?

I would probably be a chef in my own restaurant… i love to cook

Avalanche London presents Electronic Youth

Avalanche ibiza is back and is bringing the infamous beach of Playa den Bossa to the London underground scene once again at LOW, Mayfair on 9th February. This time Electronic Youth will be hitting the decks alongside Michel Cleis (CADENZA), Zam Stuart, Dean Jon and Stef Manni...this one is going to be huge... our little pre-party present to you: check out this free promo mix by rising star Electronic Youth, Enjoy!


How did you guys first get into DJing? 

RR: The funny thing is even though we didn't know each other we had similar stories. We both got into dance music at early ages, raving at young ages and both started playing on pirate radio in our local areas.


LG: Yeah, same here. I Started clubbing when I was about 14, loved what I saw and like everyone that was my age and loved clubbing bought some decks and the rest is history as they say...



What kind of influences did you two have when you first started? Similarities? Differences? 

RR: When I was about 13 I got into US garage, listened to allot of Masters At Work, Strictly Rhythm, Todd Terry, that strong New York sound. I then got into allot of the Afro House, tribal and Latin beats. I then went on holiday to Ibiza one year and got blown away by TECHNO and that took me into a whole other realm of electronic music. So I took my tribal influences with Techno edge and mashed the two together.


LG: Well I started the same as Rustem, got into the US house and Garage, influenced by the New York sound, tribal beats, strong vocals and deep baselines. Then I suppose this is where Rustem's differences and mine are more apparent I became apart of the UK vocal House scene. Releasing tracks for labels like Hed Kandi and getting radio plays from people like Judge Jules. But that's what makes Electronic Youth great, how we both came from the same core roots, but then our differences and styles helps us in the studio.


What have Electronic Youth been up to in the studio recently? 

EY: Well, we haven't stopped! We've been doing vocal sessions with some amazing vocalist to get a big release out for us in the middle of 2012, we've got an amazing EP coming out in January on New York label System Recordings, we've hooked up with an cool talent called Dan Nolan who we'll be remixing soon and putting out on the Sexy Trash label and plus a Tribal Techno track to be released on Sexy Trash in early Febuary. Busy, busy, busy.


How do you both feel knowing you will be playing alongside Michel Cleis? 

EY: We both love Michel's productions 


RR: To be honest La Mezcla was my favorite track of 2009/10. I must have played that at nearly all my sets of 2010. The tribal beats and that gorgeous vocal, it just makes you wanna groove. So it's a complete honor to play next to the big man.



Electronic Youth have just been released some new music, tell us a little bit about that? 

EY: Well, Electronic Youth is a very new project from us. We were making tracks together for a couple years under our names (Leisuregroove & Rustrem Rustem) and decided to change direction and come with something new. We both are massive fans of 80's electronic music and decided to get our dance music influences and meet them with our love for the 80's. Ever since we've been making tracks under EY, we haven't looked back. We've had an EP out on Sander Kleinenberg's label THIS IS Recording which was massive for us, then got an EP signed to New York Label System Recordings and now it looks as a couple of our unreleased work are getting signed to some massive labels, unfortunately can say too much about at the moment. This year we also did a whole score for a TV documentary about 80's fashion and release's to come out on out new home label Sexy Trash Digital.

Avalanche London present, Dean Jon

1. Hello Dean , how is everything going ?

Things are going very well and just relocated outside London. Have the label residency every Friday and enjoying playing for more the intimate events at the moment.


2. What was you first encounter with electronic music and how did you start producing ?

First encounter was when I entered Red Records in Peckham and purchased my first 12″ after hearing the track on the radio. I returned with frequent visits and my love for house music went from there.  I grew a collection and started to dabble with mixing.


3. Can you tell us something about your future releases ?

Future releases have been scheduled for early 2012 and will feature my own new sound within the underground deep house genre.  I’ve also been working on a few remixes and working with a vocalist.  Been quite versatile with the upcoming releases as I like to experiment in other areas and combining other elements for a track. I just relocated my studio and have enhanced it of late so I’m now more comfortable than ever.


4. Have you ever been to ibiza?

Yes I have been 25 times in total but this year I gave it a break.


5. Best gig you ever had?

Blue Eyes in Bali, Indonesia – 2009. Massive up for it crowd who could not get enough of the underground beats.


6. Besides Dean the dj , can you give us some details about what Dean as a normal guy loves to do ? 

I love to design and create. I’m a graphic designer part time, my passion turned into a job and I also enjoy working in the construction industry as an Operations Director.

 I love travelling and exploring the world seeing new sights.

 My next goal is to trek up a mountain next year for charity.

Luca Fabiani ( MONZA/CLUB4 ) Interview Minimal Odyssey part 1: The Metamorphosis

Avalanche is back from Ibiza! This time bringing you the incredible Luca Fabiani (MONZA) plus Dani Casarano ( CADENZA ) and many more to the lush surroundings of McQueens, Shoreditch, London.


Read our exclusive interview with Luca below, also grab one of his massive summer mixes, free!


Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself… 

Hi, i’m 31, i started to be a dj in 1995. I made my career in Ibiza in clubs like Space, El Divino, Privilege etc…


What inspires you to make music?  

I need that at the end of my dj set people smile!!!!! This is what inspire my music!!!


Sum up your music in three words…

Heart. Passion. Contact.


Best gig ever played?  

Every time i put the stylus on a vinyl!!


Favorite piece of technology?  

Apple stuffs!

AVALANCHE London Present: Yaya (Desolat, Zoo Project)

Avalanche ibiza is back and is bringing the infamous beach of Playa den Bossa to the London underground scene once again at McQueen, Shoreditch on 31th March. This time Yaya (ZOO PROJECT) will be hitting the decks alongside Luca Fabiani ( MONZA ), Zam Stuart, Dean Jon, Electronic Youth…this one is going to be huge…our little pre-party present to you: check out this FREE promo mix by Yaya, Enjoy!


How did you first get into DJing?

I started at 15 years old as a percussionist and after 2 years i started to play my first vinyls in some small clubs in Turin, then I started to get the opportunity to play more and more in different and better clubs. involvement in music began as a hobby and now it is my job, i’m really happy about it!


How was the summer playing in Ibiza at the Zoo project?

Playing for the Zoo project was really important for me because it meant playing every Wednesday or Saturday in front of more then 4000 people.  This was great publicity for me and the Zoo project team really promoted me, both in Ibiza and around the world … I really appreciate what they did for me.


How long have you been signed to Desolate and what is it like, working with the Desolate team?

Now is my 3rd year working for Desolat and Artist Alife.  Since my first release my life has completely

changed, they are the best crew ever. Its like being part of a family who are always near me and when i need anything they always help, we stay in contact for everything, i think this has been incredibly important for my growth as a DJ.


Tell us about your your friendship with Loco Dice and how it feels be working with such a big dj like him?

Loco Dice for me is a great friend … is not only a great dj, but also a great man, i can talk with him about anything and we always have an amazing time together!


What have you got coming up production wise in 2012?

Next releases:


Tiago_Francisco Allendes & Yaya_Cadenza Lab

Something Happened_Yaya_Basti Grub remix_Hoehenregler


Who is your favorite dj and why?

At the moment i’m working with another friend, Jun Akimoto making lots of cool tracks…currently unreleased but they will be out soon…watch this space!

AVALANCHE IBIZA presents Michel Cleis Interview – Listen to Mix!

AVALANCHE IBIZA presents Michel Cleis ( CADENZA ) in London AVALANCHE returns one again, injecting yet more Ibiza magic into the heart of London. This time bringing you the incredible Michel Cleis. Read our exclusive interview with Michel below, also grab one of his massive summer mixes, free!


How did you first get into DJing? 


It was because of friends. I have a big record collection, so they invited me to play it in a place called Dolce Vita in Lausanne. I was 19 years old at that time and was starting my University studies. We spent the night listening and dancing to Jazz, funk, soul, disco... house music was not yet there, but it was coming.



How was the summer playing in Ibiza ALONGSIDE Luciano? 


The summer was amazing, Ibiza is a very special place, a lot of energy, very intense. Ushuaia was the place because of the new structure and concept, imagine playing in front of 5000 people looking for straight up fun... Pacha was really cool too, I love that place and I feel like home there. I'm happy when I can meet Luci somewhere, he is a good friend and as we work a lot we do not have often the possibility to have time and fun together... so Ibiza it's a kind of alibi.


How long have you been signed to Cadenza and what is it like, working with Cadenza team?


Cadenza is a real team, I love this spirit and I really have some good friends right now in the group, I love that and I would love to have more time for fun with my buddies, but some of the time we have to work... hehehe... I can say that I miss them sometimes. I'm more emotional in Christmas time and right now in the lobby im listening to some Barbara Streisand Christmas songs...



You have some music that has just been released, tell us a little bit about that? 


Yes , I have my Running ep on More music. With a remix of Ripperton, a Lausanne (my home place) guy. Running is a track a little bit more techy than as usual, with a big break in the middle and big hihat drive. Hope people will love it.



What is the biggest challenge you've faced so far? 


There is more than one, professional, private, more emotional... I will stay on the professional side, so the biggest is to put some song in a pop star album... maybe it will come some day?



If you weren't a dj, what would you be? 


hehe... maybe a social worker?

Avalanche Ibiza presents Dani Casarano (Cadenza) in London plus Interview!

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself... 

I play vinyl


What inspires you to make music? 

Everything in this life can inspire me to make music


Sum up your music in three words... 





Best gig ever played? 

After closing Vagabundos @ Ushuaia Ibiza 03/10/11 with Luciano , Mayan Nidam, Cesar Merveille, Ernesto Ferreira (back2five set)


Favorite piece of technology? 

Technics sl1200 mk2

October 19, 2011 Avalanche Ibiza presents Interview with Zam Stuart – Listen to Mix

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself... 


I am a passionate raver at heart and its something that makes me very happy!! When I'm on a night out I'm always on the dance floor soaking up the vibes and somehow manage to end up next to the biggest speaker with my sunglasses on. I originally started DJing Drum and Bass when I was 16, and managed to progress from my bedroom onto the radio waves and small parties. Then when I was a bit older I started getting into House and became completely addicted to what was for me a new sound. It changed my musical interest and prospective over night and sent me in a new and exciting direction. Since then my taste within different genres of House music has changed as I have heard new sounds. Going to Ibiza every summer has had a massive impact on what I like and listen to because I always hear fresh cutting edge beats when im out there. I currently spend a lot of my time putting together mixes, which I really enjoy. It gives me a great outlet for all the tunes I like and helps me express myself musically as a DJ.


What inspires you to DJ? 


The core inspiration for me is the music I love and how it makes me feel. I've always found that I only like a tiny proportion of the music that I hear, so I have always ended up compiling what I like for my own enjoyment. I get huge influence and inspiration from hearing what other DJs play at promotions and places that I go. One special thing that increases my drive and motivation is the unique experience that I have during my live sets when I play a tune that I love in a club and the crowd goes crazy.


Sum up your DJ sets in three words... 


Big, Bangin, Baselines!


Best gig ever played? 


That's a little tricky to pin point as where I've played and what I've played has varied so much. I feel that I have been on a journey through different sounds within Electronic Music, and over the years my DJ style has grown and evolved. The last Avalanche at La Plage in Ibiza was immense and an epic point for me personally, playing my first set on the white isle was a very special moment and something that I will never forget. The atmosphere was absolutely electric!! The response from the crowd to my set was incredible and the place almost exploded!!


Favorite piece of technology? 


Definitely my Pioneer CDJs, I absolutely love them!! There are a lot of views and debate about vinyl vs mp3 and traditional turntables vs CD decks but personally I find they suit my mixing style perfectly.

Avalanche Ibiza presents…Michael Woods!

AVALANCHE has already kicked 2011 off with a bang, with two hugely successful nights in London´s vibrant underground club scene. So now…brace yourselves for AVALANCHE Ibiza, for a twisted, sweating frenzy of the hottest, dirtiest, underground tek-house around, on the legendary beach that is Playa den Bossa, having it like an absolute b**ch!


Gracing the decks will be Ministry of Sound Resident, dance pioneer, uber-producer of Example”s recent No.1 hit, and Amnesia Ibiza 2010 resident MICHAEL WOODS, burying you under his characteristic storm of heart-shaking bass and rude, chunky beats. With his recent monster tune “Bullet” currently powering the dancefloors of the global club scene, Michael Woods is storming to the top of his game and we can’t wait to see him ripping up the decks at AVALANCHE Ibiza. Get in!


Next up will be djs Rustem Rustem and Dean Jon who proved their heavy-weight dj prowess at the last AVALANCHE, with their ass-shaking blend of meaty synth riffs, rockin beats and epic breakdowns.


 Add to this our mighty resident Dj’s Zam Stuart, AVALANCHE’s hot up-and-coming star of the future, who will as always, be smashing the dancefloor with his filthy mixs, AVALANCHE Ibiza is set to be the best and fattest yet.


01.02.2020 @ McQueen

55-60 Tabernacle St, London

EC2A 4AA, United Kingdom

+44 20 7036 9229

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